For over 15 years, CTSpec has developed applications for the inspection and management of sewer systems which come with a positive return on the investment.

CTSpec was created by people with experience and designed to meet customers’ needs. Our passion and our proven expertise for underground infrastructure are reflected in our commitment to developing the industry’s best solutions and services:

  • We are your information technology partner and that’s why people chose us;
  • We have our customers at heart; their success is our greatest reward;
  • We let our customers know exactly where they stand and we make every reasonable effort to protect the confidentiality;
  • We only offer proven solutions that meet our customers’ needs and we support what we say.

Whether you are a CCTV Contractor, an Engineering Firm or a City Official responsible for a sewer network, be sure that we listen to you.


NASSCO – The National Association of Sewer Service Companies is committed to setting industry standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, and to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies.

CERIU – Founded in 1994, the Centre of Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas is a non-profit organization born of the need to rehabilitate cities’ infrastructure efficiently and at an acceptable cost. Thanks to the varied expertise of its 170 organizational members involvin cities, companies, ministers, laboratories and educational institutions and it’s the unique approach based on partnership and consultation, CERIU is the only organization to offer an integrated view of the issue of municipal infrastructure.